Looking to gain muscle, find that extra gear on your next century ride, or just want to up your protein intake?

We've got a box for you:

The FireRoad PowerPack.


What is it?

We combine our highest protein Harvest Bowls/Protein Packed GF Pastas with our highest protein Smoothies for a weeks' worth of supercharged 'meal combos.'  Each meal and smoothie combo averages over 45 grams of clean diverse plant protein and is packed with nutrient dense carbs and calories.  We also toss in seven of our highest protein Overnight Oats so you can hit the road right out of the gate each morning.  To top it off, we include two Energy Bites packages to help keep you firing all day long.

Each box contains

7 protein-packed bowls (a mix of our Harvest Bowls + GF Pastas)

7 high-protein Smoothies

7 power Overnight Oats

2 Energy Bites packs (10 bites total)

Get Started

PowerPack boxes start at $181.80 and include free shipping and volume discounts.

Boxes are charged and ship weekly. Pause, skip or cancel for whatever reason.

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