Diet fads come and go. But the simple truth is that to lose weight you need to take in fewer calories than you burn. The FireRoad “Lean Pack” gets you started. Each box has a week’s worth of meals that combined add up to less than 1500 calories/day. Of course, 1500 calories is not one size fits all. But it’s the right in the middle the National Institutes of Health recommendation for responsible weight loss for typical, active women and men. Start with the Lean Pack and modify based on your specific goals and caloric needs.



Order the Lean Pack for delivery weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Add the Lean Pack to a cart to see specific meals selected for your first week. The first curated box is a mix of 7 harvest bowls/ protein-packed GF pastas, 7 power overnight oats and 7 protein and immunity smoothies. As with any order you can mix and match meals before checkout (keep the 1:2 bowls to smoothies/oats ratio!) You can switch things up before your next box arrives. We recommend three weeks or 21 days to break bad habits and kick start healthy new ones.

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Weekly boxes are typically priced at $164 with volume discounts. Reduced calorie plans may not be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Always consult a doctor before undertaking any special diets.

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